About LIPS

LIPS is a research lab at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Arizona directed by O. Ozan Koyluoglu. Research group at LIPS focuses on the areas of information and coding theory, cloud computing, cybersecurity, computational neuroscience, machine learning, and wireless communications & networking. LIPS was founded in August 2013 with the support of VPR Strategic Initiative at The University of Arizona. The lab space is located at Rm. 561 in ECE Bldg. (#104), and it provides basic research equipment in a total area of 300 sq ft., including a social & collaborative discussion area.


  • August 2016: Islam Samy has joined LIPS as a PhD student. [People]
  • August 2016: NSF CNS (Computer and Network Systems) grant on cloud computing and cybersecurity (secure cloud storage systems). [NSF]
  • June 2016: David M. Schwartz's work on the coding theoretical analysis of grid and place cells is accepted to Neuroscience 2016. Congratulations to David on his first publication! [Publications]
  • March 2016: Four members of LIPS have served as judges at SARSEF 2016. [Outreach]
  • February 2016: NSF CCF (Computing and Communication Foundations) grant on information and coding theory (distributed storage systems). [NSF]
  • September 2015: LiJuan Su has joined LIPS as a PhD exchange student. [People]
  • August 2015: David M. Schwartz has joined LIPS as a MS student. [People]
  • July 2015: Berk Akgun's work on receiver based friendly jamming is accepted to 2015 IEEE Global Communications Conference. Congratulations to Berk on his first publication at LIPS! [Publications]
  • May 2015: Dr. Koyluoglu is invited to serve as an Editor for IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (TWC). [TWC Editorial Board]
  • April 2015: NSF IIS (Information and Intelligent Systems) grant on computational neuroscience (neural coding and the navigational circuitry of brain). [NSF]
  • March 2015: Three members of LIPS have served as judges at SARSEF 2015. [Outreach]
  • January 2015: Irmak Aykin's work on the formation of dorso-ventral grid cell modules is accepted to Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne) 2015 Meeting. Congratulations to Irmak on her first publication at LIPS! [Publications]
  • September 2014: Nikitha Ramohalli is awarded with Undergraduate NASA Fellowship. Congrats Nikitha! [People]
  • August 2014: Berk Akgun and Irmak Aykin have joined LIPS as PhD students. [People]
  • April 2014: Gokhan Calis's paper on coding for cloud storage systems is accepted to ISIT 2014. Congratulations to Gokhan on his first publication! [Publications]
  • March 2014: Two members of LIPS have served as judges at SARSEF 2014. [Outreach]
  • August 2013: Gokhan Calis has joined LIPS as a PhD student. [People]
  • August 2013: LIPS is founded.